Lauren Halley

6 Simple Ways to Give Your Old Yoga Mat a New Life

You've bought a brand new yoga mat, and now it's time to retire the old and trusty mat that's gotten you through years of practice. You probably don't want to just toss your old yoga mat in the landfill, so what's an eco-conscious yogi to do? Here are some suggestions from both Barefoot Yoga staff and customers on how to give your old mat a second life:

1. A quick-cleaning play mat

If your kids are working on messy projects with markers, clay or other things that might leave your table sticky and stained, try rolling out the yoga mat instead of newspaper. A closed cell mat will wipe down easily with household cleaner, and can be used over and over during play time!

2. A comfy surface for pets

Happy dog in a car

If you're taking your furry friend for a ride in the car, laying a yoga mat out over the car seat can save your upholstery. Mats also work well as cushioning inside crates and pet carriers, and many animal shelters will welcome donations of gently used yoga mats to line their kennels.

3. Protection under house plants

Plant on a windowsill

If you want the beauty of nature indoors without water and dirt on household surfaces, try cutting out circles of mat to sit underneath your plants. Many mats cut easily with a strong pair of scissors, and you can use a utility knife on thicker mats.

4. A cushion for outdoor fun

Person camping in the woods

Your well-worn yoga mat can double as a camping mat underneath your sleeping bag. Say goodbye to rocks and sticks digging into your back and enjoy sleeping comfortably in the great outdoors! You can also cut a smaller square of mat to create a portable and lightweight cushion for picnicking in the park or sitting on the bleachers at little league games.

5. Perfect packing material

If you're planning a big move and need durable packing material, forget the styrofoam peanuts and try wrapping pieces of yoga mat around your fragile items. This works especially well with thicker and spongier mats.

6. An easy floor saver

Line the bottom of your closet with a piece of yoga mat to protect the hardwood or carpet from muddy shoes. You can also put trimmed pieces of mat under trash cans, pet food bowls, or any number of areas where a spill or stain is likely.

If you're ready to retire (and repurpose!) your yoga mat, and you're looking for a durable and high-quality replacement, visit us at!